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I Feel Great

I have been receiving chiropractic treatment and taken the supplements you suggested for my pain and lack of mobility in my legs. You know me as skeptical, but this really does work!!!!!!!!!

I can now walk further every day without the burning and pain I was experiencing. Also, a byproduct of getting chiropractic treatment and taking the supplements you recommended is that my cholesterol has now dropped below 200 for the first time in 17 years!

Your suggestion for these came from my question regarding that I had been taking cholesterol and blood pressure medications and that my legs kept feeling worse.

I just thought that your patients should have the benefit of knowing that chiropractic treatment and the supplements are a real benefit! I can honestly say that I was surprised at the cholesterol drop because that isn’t why I started treatment at your office. Thank you for your right on diagnosis of the problem.

Once again you have proven to me that I do not have to live in pain!


Barry L

The Place To Go

After many years of living with pain and discomfort, I finally did something about it! I had pain in my neck, back, hips and wrists. With the treatment I am receiving, I am now able to live a healthier and pain free life!

I was hesitant to go to a chiropractor even though I knew I needed to. I thought it could be time consuming and expensive.

My experience has been a positive one. I enjoy seeing the doctor and staff and unlike most doctors’ offices, they worked with me on the expense so that it could fit within my budget. I look forward to each and every appointment.


Diana J.


Horrible Sciatica

I was having horrible sciatica going down my left leg. It started 4 months before as a pulled muscle in my lower back from running up a flight of stairs. My pain was nearly debilitating.

After treatment, my back pain and sciatica were gone. Dr. Wassermann told me that I had a few issues that would never go away and
recommended that I come in periodically for a “tune up”. Unfortunately, I didn’t listen and after about 6-7 months of feeling good, my problem came back. I went back, and they helped me again. This time, I listened to Dr. Wassermann and have been seeing the office bout once a month. My results have been great! I am now pain free and have been for about 2 years.

If you are having any type of lower back pain, I would definitely recommend you make an appointment to see if they can help you. The doctors and staff are great! It is a very easy going and positive atmosphere.

Thanks again.

Aaron J.



I started coming in April of 2008. I had been suffering from lower back pain, chronic daily headaches, and fatigue for 15-20 years. My symptoms affected almost all aspects of my life. After seeing my medical doctor and being told there was nothing wrong, I decided to come see Dr. Wassermann at the recommendation of a friend. Once I stated coming I noticed the benefits IMMEDIATELY! The benefits of chiropractic care remind me of the American Express Commercial, “Priceless.” I have and will continue to recommend my friends and family to this office.

Mike T.